Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vain Babbalings

Today is Amelia's birthday, she's officially not a baby anymore. My daddy and Mel and Ozie are coming back from Los Belones today, (about bloody time, the poor people) and Mishu is gonna try and terrify them by wearing a pink polka dotted skirt and some yellow top. I think it just might work. Tomorrow is the long awaited party, and there will be a grand total of 26 people, out of which only 3 are guys. I'm telling you, spain needs new blood. I'm supposed to go make the schedule now but I really don't want to. So it makes me very happy that Mel is coming home, so she can take it over again. Yayyyy. So I guess that's it. Rmember to be happy everyone, even though you miss me so very much.
Okay, bye bye.

Oh no, wait, one more thing. Watch this, it gave me a good laugh.

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