Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Valentina Lisitsa

Valentina Lisitsa is a recent discovery for me, but I'm already enthusastic about her piano-playing. Okay, I admit that the very first video I saw of her, in which she was playing Fur Elise, I was slightly unsure of the correct opinion to entertain. She delivered a brilliant performance, no arguing that, the dynamics were marvelous, perfect legatos, and plenty of feeling. If I closed my eyes and just listened, than she delivered one of the best executions out there. But there was something with the way she sat, so hunched, moving so much, that bothered me. Hence the confusion.
Many Rachmainoff and some Beethoven concertos later, the scale tipped all the way and I became a huge fan. With a talent as huge as hers minor things like posture don't matter.
That woman has a handle on Rachmainoff like few other pianists. When she plays "Little Red Riding Hood", it's almost like the wolf is chasing you too. She's also absolutly great with Beethoven, but there she has Daniel Barenboim to contend with.
So if you don't know who she is, run here, like now, and pay attention.
This is the real shit.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hoooold your breath

Gee about time! How long has it been since I posted pictures on this blog anyway? Yeah I know, I have an evil tendency of getting you all worked up by promising pictures that never show up, but I plan to change that. Also, my beloved desktop has no card reader, so to post pics, I'm forced to use my mommy's laptop. Today was a draining day. First, I get to do animation for the Red Cross all morning in the swealtering heat, and then get back to help make tomato sauce on an industrial scale. The fact that I thought of you today should bring tears to your eyes.
These are the few pictures of Udine we took.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow, so it's already been a year and this blog is still alive. Or more like, I am still alive. Didn't really think I'd make it intact through such a crazy year as this has been but as you can see I did(unless someone's hacking into my account and writing foolishness on my blog. In that case I'm most likely dead and you should all be mourning for me). For the most part this has been a year full of changes, crazyness, and emotional decisions. I either met great people I didn't know before, (Mel, Tina, Nat, Eman) or refreshed a bond with the ones I did know, (Ozie, Esty, Fran). I got to live in a different contry, learn a third language, and a different culture, (I'll love you forever Spain).
I had a wild, twisted, angry, funny, foolish, sad, loud, wasted, tired, difficult, emotional year. A year that I'll always remeber with a smile and nostaglia.
Happy Birthday to Me.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well my sis and I went to Udine (quite a nice little city) for three days to visit my bro and friends, which was quite fun.
Stay tuned for pictures.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, where were we?

Something about interesting, right?
Well then, I suppose now's a time as good as any other to annouce I chopped my hair (quite literally chopped if I say so myself). It happend a while ago, like, still in Spain. It's nothing TOO draastic, but quite the amout of hair is gone, as Esty would know.
I meant to post pictures of it, but I've really got nothing to put my hands on right now, so stay tuned.
I'm sorry for not providing you with any REAL updates, (Oh, except that I bought a book of Pablo Neruda's poetry, but you're probably not interested.) but such is life for now.
We all go through our respective dry spells.