Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emo, ummmmm poetry???

Yep. This is what happens when you stick me and Ozie in a room, all alone, with only a rinky-dinky old computer to pass the time.....
Anyway, let's get on with this.


Tears like spears
Eating at my insides
Tearing out the pages
Of my long forgotten life

Kagaroos in the forest
And zebras in the jungle
Hippos on the moon
The cow ran out of milk

Jump jump and never stop
Fly away and lose your top
Eat coconuts on an island
Sink with the atomic bomb

Handprints dripping paint
That tainted your presence
What was supposed to be a saint
Instead brought a wrong essence

I know, you don't have to tell us. It's just beautiful.
We are so winning the noble prize for literature with this Oz.

1 comment:

becky said...

it was very original kinda cool