Friday, March 13, 2009

(Now, where were we??...oh, yeah) Italy: Part 2

Now, as you can see, the retardos in these pictures are really getting into, whatever they're getting into (a.k.a LET'S PARTY!). And well, I'll try to expalin it all, but it gets kinda technical.

Ozie and I are looking pretty wasted in one of those pics, I'm sure you'll have no problem guessing which. That was pretty much the end of the evening, and we stoped for breakfast. The little cleaning lady must have been very jelous of our beauty because she kept yelling "No no no pictures" even after I put the camera away. Bop.

The rest is pretty much us at clubs, and yeah, that.

Except the one where Oz and I look totally freaked out, and that's cus we were experiencing Dove's driving abilities.


Zephyr said...

well.. you kina look wasted in ALL the pix.. :P

Anonymous said...

who cares about being wasted dear precious mel...your just jelous. Plus it´s great to feel wasted.