Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fotos de Italia (para mi Ozie....)

Si si...we're back..alll of some of Crystal's family from japan. It's great to be back! I promised Ozie lots of pictures (as you can tell from the above title) and I won't keep her hanging for long.
We haven't really done much, seeing we just got here yesterday. But we did go for pizza already...nice pizza, and my beloved library of course.
Anyway, here are some pics we took.


esty said...

u look pwitty

Esy said...

thank you esty, I always value your compliments

Anonymous said... look older with your hair like that, man ohh man did i laugh...para mi ozie, ehem, sweet. That crazy child in the first pic, ill never forget him.Goodness...haha

Esy said...

Ozie Ozie...the whole point was to make you laugh...and show off my spanish(hahahhaha....but seriously, yesterday playing soccer when mina and I would comunicate, we'd speek spanish so no one would understand our plans...we're too cool) and yeah..that crazy child remebers you!

Claire said...

I like these pics!! you look cute Besy!