Monday, August 3, 2009

I MISS YOU!(....So get your butts here and vist.)


Anonymous said...

you're such a tender pender friend my love, i shall never forget you. Even tho it did surprise me to see my nephews there, haha, no worries, you'll get to see at least five of the ppl that came out on the pix in less than 2 months. :D


esty said...

its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yay!
(and yes Oz...........people DO miss my sons for your knowledge!)panc

Gabriel said...

what about me, esy? I wanna see you too!!! :(

just had your mum and becky over here for the night and the morning. it was so nice to see them again and it brought back a host of old memories... like that time me and you went to go to the play ground and swinging on the swings. and then your mum came on the bike to find us. it was so funny!

oh i miss you i miss you i miss you!!! :D

Esy said...

Oh gosh Gabe now I feel bad...I wanted to put a picture up of you too, but somehow it disappeared, along with the picture of Martina...and I just got lazy I suppose...sorry. :D

Gabriel said...

Haha, don't worry.. I was just trying to make you feel bad for being the lazy Esy you are :D
Don't worry... I still love you...
MISS YOU MORE! Come visit soon :D