Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I'm trying to find tickets to Denmark for next year and that's not working very well....can you believe that Ryanair flies FROM Denmark and not TO???? Ridiculous I tell you. However, Easyjet has some pretty good options and I'm looking into those.
Also, I'm working every day in Toys Center for the Christmas season, which takes a big, evil bite out of hours that should go into my schoolwork. (working through 4 courses of math isn't exactly easy you know)
The weather right now is gorgeous, I LOVE autumn in the north of Italy, everything turns misty and misterious and you just want to spend your days outside watching the trees turn red.
(Picture credits go to little sister Mina and I.)


Anonymous said...

awwww im so proud of vale, but WHAT is she doing with those two things flying so HIIIIIIIGh. And hey Esy, i want to see some pix of you too on your blog. Keep it pumping.


Crystal said...

the last pic is my favorite...love you esy, yes more pictures of you would be nice...really nice!