Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unbelivable. (Drop it like it's hot.)

Me and Ozie are on vacation right?? Yep yep, in Italy. Cool bananas.
So we head today with Ema and Becky to go to the lake. So we're all in the car, me and my bro in the front, happily chatting away. Then I'm like, "Careful or we could smash somewhere and crahs the car and then we'll have to drag it back."
We don't get to cover like, six kilometers before, believe it or not, the wire of the accelerator breaks! Yep yep, it does. I have no luck with moters. Like last year, in Switzerland, that damned plane...but that's another story. Entirely. So anyway. the car stops, and thankfully we're not in the middle of some highway or a highly trafficated street.
We just sit there for a while, but soon, Ema has a lovely idea. Without using the acclerator, just the power of the moter, we're back on track. Yes yes.
So we just drive in the little roads, and about 2o kilometers per hour. Adorable. It took us an hour to get home. Think of that. Ozie was "flippando leches". We all were. But it was fun. And that's what counts.
Bye for now. Until the next freaky episode of "Life with Ezy."
I think, looking at my recent posts, that the new year is a rather wild one.

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mina said...

Becky already told me this story.
BEWARE! people don't ever trust esy..shes bad luck (at least with motores and electrical stuff..)