Friday, January 30, 2009

The Story Of Greedy And Pok-Pok

Yes well, we have two new pets, their names are Greedy and Pok-Pok...and, well, they're chickens. Or better yet, we had two new pets, until they escaped from rehab this morning, a.k.a. our empty swiming pool. But we're not worried, Greedy and Pok-Pok are stuipid, they'll come back. They've done it before, like the time I chaught them in the house and beat the cacca out of them (I mean literally), they still came back.
You see, Greedy and Pok-Pok seem to be wild chickens.
We don't know that for sure, but they have been invading our garden for the past months and apparently the whole neighborhood too. Harahumph!
So yeseterday morning, I walk into the kitchen and Eman's like, "We chaught the chickens we chaught the chickens!"
I was like "whatever", till Jordan told me the same thing, and I saw Greedy and Pok-Pok in a box right there in the kitchen. Oh yay! Now we have chickens and cats!
They were christend by Eman a few hours later, who seems to have taken onto himself the role of Godfather. Greedy is short and fat, Pok-Pok is tall and skinny and like's jumping (if you go on Mishu's blog, we have viedo footage). we keept them in the box all day and feed them a few crusts of bread until throwing them in the pool for bedtime and exercise.
And well, this morning they were gone.
But they'll be back.
Greedy is always hungry.
P.S. True story.


Michelle said...

The bestest so far! Nothing beats the story of Greedy and Pok-Pok!
I think that I should mention.
We were planning on keeping them for the will be needed. Nyuk Nyuk

Anonymous said... needed to add the true story part ehhh esy....i think we all know and relize it is. The trauma at the meeting was, very traumatic, never thought that chikens and cats could me so sentimental, and that ppl could get emotional with them....hahaha ok i should shut it.


Esy said...

Yes we know it's true because we were there...but maybe other people won't believe us. Yes that was can I put it...Strangest meeting ever?

mina said...

What did I miss??
Oh wait,I don't think i wanna know..

Vale said...

That was one of your moments of genius IZMA!!! I love it.....super funny!