Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, where were we?

Something about interesting, right?
Well then, I suppose now's a time as good as any other to annouce I chopped my hair (quite literally chopped if I say so myself). It happend a while ago, like, still in Spain. It's nothing TOO draastic, but quite the amout of hair is gone, as Esty would know.
I meant to post pictures of it, but I've really got nothing to put my hands on right now, so stay tuned.
I'm sorry for not providing you with any REAL updates, (Oh, except that I bought a book of Pablo Neruda's poetry, but you're probably not interested.) but such is life for now.
We all go through our respective dry spells.


Anonymous said...

rock on esy...that chilenean is drastic. Tell me what you think of it, miss you...see you.

Claire said...

not sure about this chopping hair thing Besy