Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hoooold your breath

Gee about time! How long has it been since I posted pictures on this blog anyway? Yeah I know, I have an evil tendency of getting you all worked up by promising pictures that never show up, but I plan to change that. Also, my beloved desktop has no card reader, so to post pics, I'm forced to use my mommy's laptop. Today was a draining day. First, I get to do animation for the Red Cross all morning in the swealtering heat, and then get back to help make tomato sauce on an industrial scale. The fact that I thought of you today should bring tears to your eyes.
These are the few pictures of Udine we took.


Anonymous said...

esy !!! my dearest, about time you posted them, indeed a tear in my eye for you. You guys all look great, except that funny looking guy that simona is trying to sale. Miss you all, see you soon and keep sane till i get there. Ciao bella.

Mina said...

TRUZZI TRUZZI TRUZZI!!! btw esy..on your links i think you forgot to put Fish master..huh???

Anonymous said...

fish master ??? WHAT!?!?


Crystal said...

ema & simo look so alike in the first photo, they're even standing exactly the same way!