Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Movie Week

So it's not like a person like me can do anything with some degree of measure right? Right. I haven't been to the movies in almost a year, and now I'm going twice in two days...
We watched Avatar today, and though I was put off by the trip most of the populace was on, I'm ultimately satisfied with it. I went into the cinema expecting some huge action movie with great effects, and found myself watching a great movie made by a visionary genius (yes with great effects too). Oh and he managed to throw in a decent storyline...koodos.
But what I am REALLY anticipating is Alice In Wonderland....Tim Burton is my man, and I don't even have to wait to watch it to know I adore it. (Now just you wait....I'll hate it....Murphy's fucking Law I say.)
Thanks for listening to this blabber. And thank you everyone who follows, comments, or just reads this blog, it's nice to know my point of view gets feedback.
Goodnight people.


Karhu said...

I wait too I can see Alice In Wonderland. I hope it's good.

Shahana said...

I have seen Avatar too and liked it. But somehow my husband didn't like it.

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freewriter20 said...

I, personally, didn't go to see Avatar only because it was supposed to be the hit movie of the year and as big, or bigger than the director's Titanic... Now I'm not one to really follow what others do... but if you say the visual effects were good and so was the plot, then I might just have to see it to experience the vision : ) Alice is supposed to be amazing... Tim is my man as well... I love his uniqueness in all of his movies and how he really goes all out and doesn't give a fuck : ) Koodos to you for going to a movie : )