Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry for the long scilence guys, been swamped in school this past week! All I can say is I can't wait for tomorrow. I've kind of been disconnected from my beloved fashion world and spending some time right nowchecking my favorite sites and blogs, before blogging myself on something that catches my eye.Like this...? Nah. ( I forgive you because of the bag though, Dakota...and cus you're fifteen...AND cus I think the look you had in mind was good. But this isn't).

Can't wait for Oscar night fashion!
But since we have to wait another week or so, I just want to give the worst look I have yet seen at the Awards....(drumroll)
Beyonce in House of Dereon.


Anonymous said...

serouly why? (buy it buy it)


Anonymous said...

She looks kind of cute in a very wrong way - but we are to try things at 15 that do not always work.

Mark said...

The Runaways with Dakota will be a good film, i can say

Rahainah Mustapha said...

i love dakota's bag too :)
u know where it from?

Esy said...

Dakota's carrying a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, one of my favourites as well.