Sunday, November 9, 2008

Everybody's Fool

SUCH a nice song. I think it's got a LOT of truth to it, and the video really drives the point home.
And of course, it shall always hold a place in my heart after singing it on karaoke with Melllllllllllll!


odd thomas said...

oh yeah, i remember when you showed that song to me,,, it's brill no?

take care ezy!

love you tons

Zephyr said...

heh... karaoke was the bomb wasnt it? I'm in istanbul now you know.. in the airport. I finally found one airport in the world so far where the wireless they, actually, come to think of it, DONT advertize, does work. The rest of the places with all these huge "wifi" spots, it never works.. bastards.. lol. I miss you esy.. PASTA PASTA PASTA for evvvvvvverrrrr!!! hahahahaha

Shadows and dust said...

I love Amy Lee..she's so cool..and hot

esy said...

ha, you're funny, you have to go to the system to find "meaning". It's been in the word all the time, I guess we know how much of it you were reading....poor little sad fool

Esy said...

Just a question, who in the world is this other "esy"?? Weird.
And no,I do not think it's right that you're cutting someone down just because they find meaning in something other than the word, really. Meanings are all over the place and to limit yourself to just the word is foolish and narrow minded. and please don't start going on about word and how much ppl have been taking, cus I don't think I know you, and therefore, you are in no place to judge.

Anonymous said...

fuck you wierd esy freak !!!! KEEP ur tongue in ur mouth for ur stuff. not in MY EZZYs stuff.