Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You Traitor!

Mel....I miss you. I do really. In this short time, we became better friends than what I though we would be. (does belones have something to do with it???) But yeah, I'm happy about it. I promised you a sappy post for your going away, and that's exactly what I'm doing...even though it's slightly late. So whatever you do, just be happy. Have a great time at the wedding and get used to Denmark and all the rest of the stuff you have to get used to. Miss me...okay?
With all my yuckiness,
P.S. Amy says hi to Emily.
P.P.S. Eat dinner at deacent times.


Anonymous said...

esy you spelt though instead of thought you should chanfe it or i will pester you to

Zephyr said...

EVERYTHING MAKES IRRISISTABLE LIFE YUCKY!!! So there!!! hahahahahha yes it has to do with Belones. And all our confliced conversations where we never seemd to have the same viewpoint on ANYTHING... yeeesh... you have no idea how much i missed you guys. At the end of the wedding party Wraf started playing all these coldplay songs and some other ones that all the philips and ozie and ppl always used to play... and i was being my emotional self and lying all curled up on the couch crying... yeeeshh.. why must i be emotional??? gosh. anyways. there you go. I miss you too :D

Michelle said...

ALL THE PHILLIPS????!!!! EHEM EHEM....I beg to differ...THE PHILLIPS!!! Hrmph....look at u...commenting on Esy's post for you and not on mine??? pffffffffft.