Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What if Bible characters keept blogs?

Absolutely brilliant piece of work, I couldn't stop goes. (no, as much as I would wish it, I didn't write this)

Most prominent Bible characters had pretty crazy lives; a day in the life of, say, one of the twelve disciples, was probably far more exciting than a day in mine - yet I'm the one blogging on my personal journal about what I ate for breakfast or what time I went to bed. Can you imagine Peter's blog if he'd been able to keep one? Maybe it'd go something like this:

Me and my big mouth
Note to self #47: Do not call Jesus out when he predicts his death. Yeah, he did it again...but this time, when I told him to chill out, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Satan get behind me!" Satan?!?! bad.....

If Bible characters used blogs, whose would you read?

(I'd subscribe to Joseph's: "Potiphar's wife keeps staring at my six-pack. Awkwaaard.")

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