Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, Ozie went training today (mind you, she's a very talented gymnast, but that's not my point). And well, of course, when it's time to pick her up, our only car still at home decides to give up the ghost. Not cool. How's she gonna get home?
But hakuna matata, brilliant ideas are forthcoming!!!
Esy will take the bike and go to her training place to pick her up!
Ummm...I guess if it's for poor Ozie, stuck out there all alone. Yep, I pick up the bike, all bundled up against the night wind, and set out on my quest.
So everything's fine just about to the moment when I'm almost in town, and then...ring, ring!
Me: Hello?
Non-identifed home member: Hey Esy, you can come home, Ozie's trainer is gonna take her back.
Me: What???
Non-identified home member: Umm yeah. You heard me right?
Me: But I just got here!
Non-identifed home member: Oh, well, you'll just have to...
Me: Click.
Beep, beep, beep.

Yes, I hung up on them, as pissed as I was, and turned my bike around in a huff, and began the treak upwards. (It's no small distance, those of you who've been here know.) And unfourtunately, I am not at all used to biking, I'm just fine with walking, but not biking, so ow. And the effect was enhanced by the fact that I was on an undersized bike with no air in the tires.
But I made it home.
Talking to yourself helps.
I have a sudden urge to accquire books, by whatever means possible. Anybody up for a belated Christmas gift??


esty said...

unidentified home member = ESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Esy said...

hahahha oh gee sorry esty...I seriously didn't know who was on the phone. LOL

esty said...

it´s ok, I didn´t know who I was chatting to on new Year´s so we´re fair. Maybe we should study each other´s voices and chat ids- or maybe not, it´s funner................ta ta.