Monday, January 19, 2009


When your head and your heart are pulling in two opposite directions so furiously they are ripping your soul apart, which way do you follow?
When you're so tired it hurts to breath, and yet sleep eludes you, are sleeping pills ethical?
When the changes you've been trying to make for three years aren't happening, is giving up allowed?
Why are tears equated with sorrow? Dry eyes are much more despairing.
Is being afraid someone won't remember you a good reason not to call the person who means the world to you?
Is hate really a reason, or just and excuse not to live?
But anyways, I'm blabbering. Shut me up.


Zephyr said...

shhhhhhh shhhhh its oooookayy... goooo to sleeeeeeeppp... :D I want to give you a big fuzzy hug because you look/sound like you need one.. but you dont like hugs. so what to do. You always have me tho - dont forget that. And dont feel like the changes in the past 3 years havent happened or that you´ve failed. There´s always a reason for things happening the way they do, and his ways are not ours... gaaaaaaad im preaching.. wow look at me. ME!! preaching. Sheez... shut ME up. lol

Esy said...

Gee thanks Mel, that made me feel better, even the fuzzy hug part. Ha! Oh and, laugh if you will, but you'll never believe what we got in the provisioning. LION Y NADA!!! hahahah I just HAD to sneak one away for old times.

Zephyr said...


oh and you know the wierdest thing..? I was about to call you mental, and the word verification thing i have to type here spells... can you guess what?...
its MENTIL!! close enough... :P. i swear, this is a sign..

esty said...

My thoughts:
I agree with you on the tears, the saddest people are those who can´t cry.
Hate only happens after you´ve loved (my philosophy). The rest is anger.
Between head and heart- I end up following head usually.
Giving up is NOT allowed. Ever.
Always call, make up some lousy excuse.
Don´t do the sleeping pills, read books.
lv u.

Esy said...

oh gosh you're making me all emotional and sniffley...Thanks Esty.

kathy said...

aw esy youre such a talented writer. i love it! and no as esty said, giving up is not allowed. be happy, i love you!

Esy said...

You think so?? Thanks Kathy that's like one of the coolest compliments someone can give me. :D