Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mildly I don't want to get better.

The classic Chanel bag is probably THE bag I've been in love with all my life, and I won't ever get sick of it. Also, because I CAN'T get sick of it if I don't have it. BLEAH THIS SUCKS.
But ENOUGH whining. ...also, I've been sitting here for the past 20min trying to write something cool and all that came out was a self-condescending wish-list. However, I found an awseome vintage store an hour from where I live and will eventually sell my soul for the vintage Chanel Tote in the display window.
Till, then, I'm off to do Chemistry homwwork.


the girl with the heels said...

haha I feel like this is my life. between the ton of sociology readings I have I'll go on the Urban Outfitters website and just pine over this one pair of shoes.

it's so sad.
I feel your pain

They Call Me Awesome said...

The bag is AMAZING! Can you get me one? All about the vintage girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Esy !!!! your going to do WHAT !?!?
Be smart Esy !